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Look Upon This Country!

Photos by Sylvio Hoffmann

War and daily life, destruction and suffering – these are subjects the photographer Sylvio Hoffmann deals with in his pictures. Since 2014, the young photo reporter has travelled through Syria and other conflict areas. The Zeitgeschichtliches Forum shows about 60 photos of his travels.

Portraits of proud combatants, moments of danger in everyday life, of hope and despair, but also quiet moments that are touching. Viewers are frequently struck by the aesthetics of the images, which are in stark contrast to their content.

The people in the regions Hoffmann visited live in difficult conditions between war and daily life. He aims to document how they cope with them, taking great personal risks to obtain these impressive insider views. His arresting photos focus our attention on one of the central conflicts of today.

Trauernde Angehörige in der kurdisch geprägten Stadt Silvan. Türkei, 2015
Flucht auf der Balkanroute. 2015
PKK-Kämpferin in der kurdisch geprägten Stadt. Silvan Türkei 2015
Baschika-Front bei Mossul. Irak, 2016
Kommandeurin einer christlichen Fraueneinheit. Syrien, 2016
Plakat Schaut auf dieses Land!