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zenith Photo Award 2017

How do Muslims in Europe live and work? What do their everyday lives look like? At least since 2015, many people associate the topic Islam with images of migrants and refugees. The new exhibition “Islam in Europe. zenith Photo Award 2017” shows that this does not apply to all European Muslims.

More than 50 photographers from all over Europe took part in this year’s competition for the Award in the categories professional photographer, amateur photographer and popular choice. In addition to the winning photos, the exhibition shows 50 pictures selected from the photo series submitted.

The photos show people sunk in prayer, as well as laughing and celebrating, children in foreign and familiar surroundings, people fleeing, mosques as splendid buildings and in backyards.

The zenith Photo Award is a competition initiated by German zenith Magazine in 2011. In 2012/2013, selected works were presented in the exhibition “Muslime in Deutschland” at Haus der Geschichte in Bonn. The first three editions of the Award focused on showing the many faces of Islam in Germany. This year’s competition widens the scope, participants were asked to take part in the debate on Islam in Europe.

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