Eine junge Frau und ein junger Mann unterhalten sich in der Ausstellung neben einem grünen Trabi, der zwischen zwei großen Mauerteilen der Berliner Mauer steht.
Das berühmte CDU-Plakat mit Konrad Adenauer und dem Slogan Keine Experimente und eine große Wand mit vielen weiteren Plakaten im Hintergrund.

Permanent exhibition

Our History

Germany since 1945

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Temporary exhibition

Vote for Me!

Political Parties hang Posters

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28. June - Spring 2022

From Germany's Provinces

Photographs by David Carreño Hansen, Sven Stolzenwald and Christian A. Werner

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Temporary exhibition

Hits & Hymns

The Sound of Contemporary History

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You can visit our permanent exhibiton “Our History. Germany since 1945” and our temporary exhibitions “Hits and Hymns. The Sound of Contemporary History“ and "Vote for Me! Political Parties hang Posters" again. 
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Devices can also be borrowed free of charge from the museum Information Desk in the lobby. We hope you enjoy exploring our exhibition!

AudioGuide in English here online available.

Hand with smartphone, on the display you can see the AudioGuide for the permanent exhibition 'Germany since 1945' in the Haus der Geschichte
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Foreign-language guided visits

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