You can visit with restrictions during normal opening hours:

  • the permanent exhibition „Our history. Germany since 1945“ in the Haus der Geschichte

  • the permanent exhibition „Everyday life in the GDR“ and in the Museum in der Kulturbrauerei

  • the permanent exhibition „Site of German Division“ in the Tränenpalast

  • the permanent exhibition „Our history. Dictatorship and democracy after 1945“ in the Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig.

For your health and protection, the safety measures recommended by the Robert Koch Institute (distance and hygiene rules) apply.

Current exhibitions
Haus der Geschichte


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In the left part of the picture you can see a photograph by Hans-Jürgen Burkard showing a cold-blooded horse in traditional costume. On the right is the photographer.
Haus der Geschichte

In Our Country

Photographs by Hans-Jürgen Burkard

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Original packing of buttermilk soap.

We collect contemporary history

The Haus der Geschichte Foundation collects objects that document contemporary history – and exhibits them. These include everyday items, documents, films and other media, magazines, machines, furniture, textiles, and much more besides.

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With the AudioGuide through the exhibition

Whether at home, on the road or in the museum: Our free AudioGuides will guide you through our exhibitions online at any time. Try out the audio tours and learn more about German contemporary history.

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