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Zwei Teller mit Speck, Eiern, Toast, gebratenen Tomaten, Würstchen und Bohnen.
Haus der Geschichte

Made in England

Photographs by Peter Dench

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Die Angst vor Überwachung wird in der Ausstellung unter anderem thematisiert.
Haus der Geschichte


A German State of Mind?

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Mann im Strahl eines Wasserwerfers auf einer Straße.
Museum in der Kulturbrauerei

The 68ers

Photographs by Ludwig Binder and Jim Rakete

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Workers at the at the Lenin shipyard in Gdańsk, Harald Schmitt
Zeitgeschichtliches Forum

Change in the East

Photographs by Harald Schmitt

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GDR-Comic "Mosaik"

Dig, Dag, Digedag

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Original packing of buttermilk soap.

We collect contemporary history

The Haus der Geschichte Foundation collects objects that document contemporary history – and exhibits them. These include everyday items, documents, films and other media, magazines, machines, furniture, textiles, and much more besides.

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Adolescents are testing the KUDA-App.

Head into the museum with your smartphone

Find out more about contemporary German history and selected exhibits in our apps on the permanent exhibitions in Bonn and Berlin. Film clips, podcasts, games and visitor information: You can use our apps while visiting the museum or from the comfort of your home.

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