In dem Ausstellungsteil in unserer U-Bahn-Galerie.


Relics of the Cold War

Photographs by Martin Roemers

What remains of the Cold War? For the Dutch photographer Martin Roemers it is primarily structural remnants of the East-West conflict in Europe. In these images, Roemers feels „the echo of patriotism, paranoia and aggression“.

The photo series „Relics of the Cold War“ takes the observer on a tour of deserted army bases, bunker complexes, scrapyards and missile storage sites. Around 70 images arouse sentiments between menace and sadness.
The series is taken in the years 1998 to 2009 in ten European countries.

Our exhibition starts at the metro gallery, where the chilly atmosphere reminds of former bunker complexes. Large photographs of deserted tunnels seem to open passages to the past. 

The main part of the exhibition is presented at our lobby. The photos highlight the remains of the nuclear and conventional arms race and question the sense behind it. How do we react today to the threat posed by crises and wars?

Martin Roemers (b. 1962) is a Dutch artist and photographer. He studies at the AKI Academy of Visual Arts in Enschede, the Netherlands. His large oeuvre is internationally renowned and his work is exhibited worldwide. Several of his projects revolve around the consequences of armed conflict and war.

Besucher in der Ausstellung.
Ein Jogger in der U-Bahn-Galerie
Ehemaliges sowjetisches Militärhospital in Jüterborg, 2007.
Fotografien in der Ausstellung mit dem Fotografen Martin Roemers.
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