Past exhibition


After the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Daniel Biskup. Photographs 1990-1995

In a time of social, political and cultural transformation, photographer Daniel Biskup focuses on people: His photographs show their everyday lives with their hopes, fears and visions. Thus he draws an impressive atmospheric picture of the first years after the fall of the Berlin Wall in the East.

What is the German post-reunification period like? How do people experience the changes in the world of consumption? Everyday lives are characterized by an ambivalent approach to the past, a new political landscape and profound changes in the world of work. The exhibition takes a look at the desolate state of the infrastructure left behind by the GDR. But it also shows impressive portraits and scenes of everyday life - and thus the dynamics and energy of people in the time of transformation.

In our exhibition we present previously unpublished pictures by photographer Daniel Biskup taken on journeys through East Germany from 1990 to 1995.

Daniel Biskup is one of the most important German photojournalists and documentary photographers of our time. Even as a teenager, he photographed current affairs in his hometown of Bonn. The Peace demonstrations and squatted houses are his first motifs. His pictures of German reunification in 1989/1990 marked his breakthrough as a photographer.