Past exhibition

28.04. – 31.07.2022

Work in Progress

Mock-Up for the new Permanent Exhibition

We are preparing a new permanent exhibition due to open in 2024. It shows everyday life in the GDR's later stages and how the peaceful revolution of 1989 changes the living environment in eastern Germany. With this mock-up we are using the topic "Being Young" as an example to test how the new permanent exhibition could look. Your opinion and suggestions are very important to us.

The mock-up shows what childhood and adolescence look like in the GDR. Via nurseries, schools and youth organisations, the SED dictatorship influences almost every sphere of children’s lives to educate children and adolescents to become Socialist citizens. Young people increasingly seek ways to escape this influence.

After the fall of the Wall and reunification, the everyday life of children and adolescents in eastern Germany undergoes major upheavals. Young people grow up facing daily contradictions. In addition to new freedoms and opportunities such as free choice of profession and studies, the new range of goods and travel abroad to the West, their everyday life is also characterized by a lack of jobs and right-wing extremist violence.

We cordially invite you to visit our mock-up for the permanent exhibition on Thursdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tell us what you think: What do you like about the mock-up. Where could we improve it? 

Of course, our permanent exhibition will remain open for you while we display our mock-up.