House under Rügen Bridge, Hanseatic City of Stralsund
Past Exhibition

28.06.2021 - JANUARY 2023

From Germany’s Provinces

Photographs by Carreño Hansen, Stolzenwald and Werner

An exposed concrete bus stop stands isolated in front of a meadow. Is the departure for new adventures imminent or does the stop mark the end oft he journey? The motifs by Christian A. Werner, David Carreño Hansen and Sven Stolzenwald are far removed from idyllic postcard romance. Togehter they embark on a photo safari for their thesis in documentary photography from 2016 to 2018.

The three photographers roam the country in search of what is “typically German”, that both fascinates and alienates them. Whether the coffee table laid out with Mett rolls or the extensive maintenance of the lawn at home: The cozy home makes you smile. On their trip through Germany, “cheerful to cloudy”, they capture facets of the German province with a twinkle in the eye. With an undisguised look they show the contradictions and absurdities of everyday life between the island of Husum and the city of Donaueschingen.

How much of these unquestioned traditions and beloved rituals are part of us? We invite you to look at the photographs in our underground gallery, have fun and discover how diverse our country is.

David Carreño Hansen, Sven Stolzenwald and Christian A. Werner get to know each other at the University of Hanover in the documentary photography program. "Bright to cloudy" is their joint final thesis. In addition to working as freelance photographers, they all work on (social) documentary photo projects.