Past exhibition


ZeitzeugenFragen 1989

What did you see or hear at the demonstrations? What were you afraid of in the fall of 1989? How did you learn about the fall of the Wall?

Try out the media installation "ZeitzeugenFragen" with us. Use cards to ask selected questions to contemporary witnesses about the peaceful revolution in the GDR and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Get new perspectives, get involved and let yourself be surprised!

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The media installation was developed as a part of the joint project "museum4punkt0 – Digital Strategies for the Museum of the Future".

At the same time, you can visit the exhibition "… bisschen anders, aber genauso." at the Museum in der Kulturbrauerei from March 16 to May 21. It is about Cuban-German history in the GDR and the Federal Republic from 1964 until today. The exhibition is in German only. 

Graphic: Lars Becker, RV realtime visions GmbH

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