Exhibition poster: 'Indecent? Changes in Sexual Moralita'
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Changes in Sexual Morality

In the early 1950s, bare skin shown in a film was regarded as scandalous; today portrayals of sadomasochistic practices are printed in their millions in the trilogy of novels “50 Shades of Grey”. The travelling exhibition “Indecent? Changes in Sexual Morality” explores this phenomenon. It shines a light on the profound changes in sexual morals and gender relations in Germany since 1945. At the same time, the exhibition considers the different living conditions and life experiences in divided Germany.

Amongst other things, the exhibition shows political posters on topics ranging from the struggle for women’s rights to the controversial “rainbow family” of homosexual couples. Magazines from “Brigitte” to “Bravo” offer women tips on household affairs and relationships and introduce young people to adult topics. Censored LP covers by Roxy Music or the Rolling Stones LP cover with a real zip fastener became the manifesto of an entire movement. Purple dungarees came to symbolize political emancipation. And the first contraceptive pill epitomized women’s revolutionized self-empowerment between being a mother figure and exhibiting desire.

A question panel on the topic “Who told you about sex?” directly addresses exhibition visitors.

Please note: In this exhibition-for-hire only the introductory topic texts are bilingual (German and English). The texts accompanying the exhibits are all in German.

The exhibition was first presented at Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig of Stiftung Haus der Geschichte from November 2014 until April 2015. It was subsequently shown as a temporary exhibition at Haus der Geschichte in Bonn from May 2015 until February 2016.

Museums and cultural institutions can host this exhibition featuring 80 framed objects and media in order to display it on their own premises. It will be made available well packed in compact transport crates at very favourable conditions. This page provides all the relevant information on conditions, how to go about it, and whom to contact.

Overview Exhibitions for hire

Exhibitions Director
Dr. Thorsten Smidt
Secretary to the Exhibitions Director
Ausonia Acri
The photographies are delivered n compact boxes and crates ready for transport
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Exhibition structure

I. Changing role models
II. From duty to desire
III. Exclusion and acceptance
IV. Sex education in a state of change
V. Reizthema Prostitution
VI. Good business

Scope of the travelling exhibition

  • 63 frames (uncoated aluminium) with grey card passe-partouts:
    20 frames measuring 70 x 100 cm (1 portrait, 19 landscape)
    43 frames measuring 50 x 70 cm (27 portrait, 16 landscape)
    One introductory text mounted on Dibond measuring 70 x 100 cm
    Six topic texts mounted on Dibond measuring 50 x 70 cm
  • One interactive panel on Forex measuring 70 x 100 cm (3mm thick)
  • One stand for visitor book and information material (130 x 70 x 70 cm)
  • Approx. 60 m of continuous wall space is required to hang the frames.
  • Two transport crates sized 106 x 60 x 90 cm
  • Two transport crates sized 76 x 60 x 71 cm
  • One transport crate sized 76 x 66 x 71 cm
  • One transport crate for the visitor stand sized 130 x 70 x 70 cm
  • Total weight of the crates: approx. 740 kg
  • The transport crates are mounted on castors.
  • A loan period of at least eight weeks is usual.
  • The borrower shall insure the loaned items “from nail to nail” (insurance value: 15,492.00 Euros).
  • The borrower shall be responsible for organizing and paying for transportation of the loaned items to its exhibition venue and return transportation in consultation with Haus der Geschichte Foundation.
  • The borrower shall provide suitable exhibition space including the exhibition technology (gallery rails/partitions).
  • The borrower shall contribute to handling costs, the costs of the basic layout of communication media and covering licence rights by paying a one-off fee of 250 Euros.
  • The borrower shall conduct public relations work (see below).
  • The borrower shall provide 2-3 photos of the space or institution where the exhibition is to be held for possible announcements in Haus der Geschichte publications.
  • Entrance to the exhibition must be free.
  • The borrower shall compile exhibition documentation, which is to be given to Haus der Geschichte after the end of the exhibition. The documentation shall include:
    • 5-10 representative photos of the exhibition at the borrower’s venue with and without visitors
    • Information on visitor numbers
    • Press reviews
    • Visitor comments / copies of the visitor book

The borrower shall hold an opening event and send the lender specimen copies of the invitation to the exhibition opening in good time. The borrower shall conduct PR work and organize a supporting programme for the exhibition. Haus der Geschichte shall for its part provide a press release and press photos.

Poster and invitation
Haus der Geschichte shall provide the borrower with a fixed contingent of 50 posters and 300 invitations bearing the exhibition motif without any individualized imprint. The latter can be carried out at the borrower’s request and expense in consultation with Haus der Geschichte. Additional contingents of these materials can be purchased at cost price.

Opening event
A representative of Haus der Geschichte must be requested to open the exhibition. The borrower is obliged to cover the travel expenses and if necessary the cost of overnight accommodation.

Publication of the photos is only permitted in the context of reporting on the exhibition and together with the copyright notice.

SPIEGEL magzine cover with Pope Francis

Magazine DER SPIEGEL 5/2014, cover with Pope Francis "Der Papst und der verdammte Sex" ("The Pope and Damned Sex")
© DER SPIEGEL 5/2014; http://www.spiegel.de/spiegel

300 dpi, tif, zipped, 4.4 MB 

Film poster: "Oswalt Kolle. The Wonder of Love - Sexual Partnership"

Film poster: "Oswalt Kolle. The Wonder of Love - Sexual Partnership"
© Stiftung Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

300 dpi, jpg, zipped, 1.4 MB 

Sex Education Game

Sex Education Game "Through the Jungle of Contraception and Sexuality"
© Stiftung Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

300 dpi, jpg, zipped, 4.6 MB 

Film poster "Go for It, Baby"

Film poster "Go for It, Baby". (German title: "Zur Sache Schätzchen. Ein Film, der schnell zur Sache kommt")
© Stiftung Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

300 dpi, jpg, zipped, 4.5 MB