Junger Mann mit Motorrad


"Test the West"

Photographs by Daniel Biskup

The photographer Daniel Biskup travels across East Germany in the first years after the fall of the Wall. He shows how people, streets and landscapes change. The Zeitgeschichtliches Forum presents a selection of his photographs, which capture above all the mood in Saxony at the time.

On the one hand, his photographs reflect the thirst for action and the euphoria of the people who embrace the new freedom and are full of hopes. On the other hand, they also show the disappointment and suffering of those who lose their jobs and their previous, familiar lives as a result of radical change. After almost 30 years, this view at the period of the historic transition is also an examination of the challenges of the present.

Daniel Biskup is one of the most important German photojournalists and documentary photographers of our time. Even as a teenager, he photographs current affairs in his hometown of Bonn. The peace demonstrations and squatted houses are his first motifs. His pictures of German reunification in 1989/1990 marks his breakthrough as a photographer.

Ein kleiner LKW mit Werbung für Zigaretten. Auf dem Werbeplakat bietet ein junger Mann einem Geschäftsmann eine Zigarette an.
Erfurt, Bundeskanzler Helmut Kohl bei seinem ersten Besuch nach der Wiedervereinigung im März 1991. Kohl wird von Kind umarmt.
Junge Frau blickt aus dem Fenster
Plakat zur Ausstellung